China 2014
Tracy & I take a journey through China starting and ending in bustling & magnificently architecturally adorned city of Shanghi.

For AJ
The hue of a rainbow Makes a grey day bright. Tiny wee raindrops Reflect the light Making white into colours A magical sight. You are a rainbow in our lives

Poem: Lady of Leisure.

Poem: The Cull
A political rant of 2006.

Poem: THE JUNKIE (Trip to a Flatline)
A lyric inspired by the time, the people who indulged and takes a trip to through ecstasty, but to a destination always darker than the place of departure.

Erotica. Not for my mother, prude aunties or prudes generally. You have been warned!

A surfie rave about a wave.

Poetry: TEASE
Jilted love.

Supporting Acts Dampen Spectacular Body Art Show
NZ Body Art Showcase 2012 @ Bruce Mason Centre @ - Auckland @ , NZ @ - Sat 22 Sep 2012

Travel: Malaysia-Tioman Island & Precinct
From Singapore we set off in a taxi to a car park where the buses leave for Malaysia, intending to catch the 9.00 am bus only to find it supposedly sold out. But at the last moment it seemed like we were discretely being sold the crew seats without the bureau being involved. Four hours later and having passed through Singapore emigration, Malaysian immigration and having experienced a titillating introduction to Malay cuisine at the lunch stop, we eventually disembarked in Mersing to be greeted by June the resort agent. With her car at the ready to transfer us to the high-speed long-boat ferry, we would be at Panuba resort on Tioman Island in an hour.

Travel: PART 1 The Secrets of the Islands Beyond Nukalofa Fafa Island Resort
It was already dark when we landed in Tonga. By now the impression of the traffic girl at the departure gate wearing visible knee highs and a cascade of hair down to her bum had been faded by the brilliant service we received en route. The last bag finally arrived on the belt, begging the question of, “how come they get checked in together but arrive so separated?” Do the bags really wander about the hold in Larson- like animation and fail to return to their allocated containers for landing? Tolerance and patience would prove to be valuable credentials when travelling the Pacific.

Travel: Part 2 The Secrets of the Islands Beyond Nukalofa Sandy Beach Resort
The small aircraft originally scheduled for departure at 3 pm but rescheduled for 2 pm finally departed at 2.30 pm when all expected passengers had finally arrived. We were on our way to Sandy Beach Resort, Foa Island.

Travel: Part 3 The Secrets of ... Beyond Nukalofa; Matafonua Resort
Because meals at Sandy Beach Resort were an optional extra, one could choose to wander to the more casual but certainly lively café/bar at Matafonua Resort just a couple of hundred meters down the road. There one could enjoy equally sumptuous meals from the blackboard menu or the chef’s three specials that change daily.

Travel: TURKEY 2009
Tracy & I visit Turkey initially at ISTANBULand then the quaint coastal village of AYVALIK before joining a 14 day tour of the eastern side of Turkey from CAPPADOCIA in the east to Gallipoli in the west taking in BURSA, Eskisehir Anatolia Gordion ANKARA Agcikarahan Ozkonak Goreme Sultanhani KONYA Akesir Taurus Mountains ANATALYA Hierapolis PAMUKKALE Epheus ISMIR Pergamum TROY and Gallipoli.> Remember to use the search engine on the web page to go straight to places of interest. eg Suggested keywords for use in the search: Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Seraglio Palace, Grand Bazaar, Bosphorus River, Bursa, Great Mosque, Ankara, Gordion, Cappodocia, Mausoleum of Ataturk, Caravansary of Agcikarahan, Rock Chapels, Underground city of Ozkonak, Konya, Mevlana Monastery,Ince Minaret, Antalya,Perge, Aspendos, Pamukkale, Izmir,Acropolis of Pergamum, Asclepion, Troy, Gallipoli, Dardanelles.

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