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Question   Italy Trip
Hi Al an d Tracy, I can not believe all the photos you took, Thanks for showing things that I missed. You have a great eye for potograpy for sure. My brothers an d sister had a great time in northern Italy after the tour. Met lots of relatives . And got a tour of our grandfathers house. Take care. Pete

- Pete Ponti January 03, 2016

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Question   Italy Trip
Hi Al
Jeanette and I (Susan) just finally got a chance to look at your pictures. Loved the picture brought back some great memories. Can't tell you how much we enjoy meeting you and Tracy. You added so much to the enjoyment of our trip. If your ever in North Carolina make sure you look us up we'll so you the town.

- Susan Grochan December 20, 2015

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Question   Italy
Al, so great to see you pictures of Italy. Randy and I had a great time meeting you and Tracy. We enjoyed dinner with you on our last night! If you both are in Atlanta let us know. We all need to do a reunion trip!! Ciao Robert and Randy

- Robert A October 19, 2015

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Question   China gallery
Hi Al impressive shots as we were in China last August and did 6 Cities so was able to recognise some of these. However just a comment that the site is not that iPad friendly and captions would be great to confirm where I thought they were taken. Also cannot launch the travel blog tab on iPad so unable to track you via that method. Looks like you had a fabulous tour as did we despite the heat.
Kind Regards
Kay (nee Maria)

- Kay Bryan August 23, 2014

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Question   my shot
A lot of my surfing pictures are shot from the Huntington Beach pier so that's why I get that angle...

- Robert K. Bemus May 24, 2011

  Answer That explains a lot of your shots in your impressive gallery.

- al armiger  May 25, 2011

  Answer So ecitxed I found this article as it made things much quicker!

- Rose Rose  August 29, 2011

  Answer Which article Rose? Glad it helped though.

- al armiger  September 06, 2011

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Question   object art
some pictures are great.I liked object art more than other
Good luck body:)
question is
Are member of FaceBook?

- Peggy A February 08, 2010

  Answer Thank you Peggy. Yes I belong to facebook but I'm not that avid about it.

- al armiger  February 08, 2010

  Answer Never seen a betetr post! ICOCBW

- Cheyanna Cheyanna  January 19, 2012

  Answer Thanks Cheyanna.

- al armiger  January 19, 2012

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